Muslim Family Day attracts nearly 57,000

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Wednesday, 07 October 2009


VALENCIA, Calif. ai??i?? When a Six Flags roller coaster restarts after 20 minutes of being suspended 150 feet in the air, you would expect cheers and applause from spectators and riders alike. What you usually would not expect is to hear the vibrant sound of ai???Allahu Akbarai??? resonating through the crowd that has gathered to watch the shaky passengers complete their ride. But at Muslim Family Day on Sept. 26, thatai??i??s exactly what happened.

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One attendee entered the fold of Islam by taking shahadah.

The Muslim Family Day tradition began eight years ago, where members of the Islamic Circle of North America reserved Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey for a day of ai???halal

What was once a gathering of 1,500 Muslims there has grown exponentially, with a whopping 25,000 people descending on Six Flags Great Adventure this year, according to organizers.

Nearly 57,000 people attended Muslim Family Day events at Six Flags locations nationwide this year.

Waqas Ahmed, coordinator of this yearai??i??s nationwide event, describes Muslim Family Day as an occasion that ai???provides a fun, halal and [classically] American opportunity for Muslim

Ahmed added that event goers are blown away by the opportunity ai???to be around so many Muslims,ai??? only wishing for ai???more eventsai??i??uniting [Muslims] throughout the

Although Muslim Family Day is essentially a place for down time and enjoyment, it does serve the dual purpose, according to Ahmed, of depicting the true image of Muslims and American Muslim organizations.

ai???[This event points to] our relevancy, our capability, and our support from the community,ai??? Ahmed said. ai???[It proves we can] continue to be the national voice for

This yearai??i??s Muslim Family Day also kicked off ICNAai??i??s ai???Save Family, Save Societyai??? campaign, a five-week long movement dedicated to reconstructing the deteriorating structure of the American Muslim family.

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