Make Your Shark Sonic Duo A Reality

Are you searching for a compact, lightweight vacuum that provides excellent cleaning performance on both carpets and hard flooring which may be stored virtually anywhere in your dwelling?

Remove large, little and stuck on dust effortlessly as a result of DuoClean Technologies special 2 brush roll layout. 1 vacuum head homes both a soft and bristle brush roster, operating together to get rid of common household dust and dirt out of carpets and hard flooring. The front wall was replaced with a gentle brush roll so that you can easily wash between carpets and hard flooring without needing to change heads.

Flexology is cleaning convenience and comfort. With one click on the flexi-wand stinks so that you don’t need to if cleaning under low folding furniture. To park or store this vacuum only fold the Flexi-wand, halving its elevation. Now streamlined, completely free status and ready to be saved where ever you desire.

Manoeuvrability is enriched using Swivel Steering, LED lights in the nozzle light dust so that you can definitely find the wash and the extra-long 10 meter cable means that you can enjoy the liberty to wash from room to room with no lack of electricity.

Not happy with excellent floor cleaning, this rod vacuum also converts into a strong hand vac which ‘s good for above the floor cleaning, stairs, soft furnishings as well as the automobile using the convenient tools contained in the box.

Presenting the Shark DuoClean Upright vacuum using Powered Lift-Away, an innovative blend of two technologies that are innovative. Engineered to help save both time and effort whilst still providing amazing cleaning performance. The initial invention is DuoClean Technology. This exceptional layout comprises two brush rolls in 1 vacuum head. The brush rolls operate together to get rid of big and tiny particles and stuck on dust out of carpets and hard floors easily, which ‘s Triple Particle Cleaning. We added the next soft brush so that you move from room to room, easily cleanup between carpets and hard flooring without stopping to change heads. The soft, velvet like brush roll comes from direct contact with hard flooring, eliminating stuck-on dirt and dust whilst keeping your flooring natural lustre. On rugs, the next bristle pub works together with the very first brush roll, cleanup deep into the heap and rug fibers. Together with DuoClean that there ‘s nowhere to get dirt to hide and no longer ‘snow ploughing’ and dispersing jumble, simply brilliant cleansing performance. Lift-Away detaches the batter from the primary unit in the click of one button, today handheld, portable and ideal for use on stairs. As a consequence, that you may enjoy a simple beneath furniture clean and reach. Onboard tools incorporate the Duster/Crevice instrument, Upholstery brush, and use with Sharks prolonged reach wand to get a great all around clean. This vacuum cleaner also includes Shark’s Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, which catches and retains dust and allergens within the vacuum instead of into the air that you breathe. Shark. Brilliant.

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