In Atlanta, the event is at Six Flags over Georgia, Atlanta.


Date and Time: Saturday, November 4th , 2017 – 10:30 am to 6 pm.

Food and Bazar

  • A special selection of various Halal Restaurants like Halal Guys, Qamar will be selling their food at the West Pavilion area. The halal restaurant food will be available for purchase all day long.
  • West Pavilion is also the place to gather for Salah, socializing, bazaar, entertainment programs, and much more.


  • Due to safety precautions, you are not permitted to wear loose clothing (unpinned scarves or dupattas) before going on the rides.

Accommodation and Transportation

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7 Responses to Atlanta

  1. Rita Campbell says:

    When is Christian Day???????????????????????????????????//

    • Mj says:

      There’s a Christian music festival every year at 6 flags.

    • Giovanni says:

      It’s not up to the Muslims to organize Christian events. Tell your Christian leaders to organize one for you. FYI they have had Christian family day at a Six Flags, and also they have had hallelujah jubilee there also. Look it up.

  2. Summaya Adam says:

    I wanted to know if the Six Flags Muslim Day event date has been confirmed. I would like to know for our school’s calendar.

  3. Chuk says:

    Did you seriously ask when Christian day is?! smh.
    The 26th annual Church of Christ Day will be on Friday, June 23, 2017

  4. Chuk says:

    …or…basically every day a church group has a trip there.

  5. d ott says:

    From major ah bein fartien

    you kidding me

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